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NBA superstars LeBron James (left) and Nikola Jokic (right)

Eliminated against the Nuggets in this first round of the playoffs, the Lakers nevertheless had some great opportunities to take one or two games.

LeBron James has regrets, as he explains in his recent podcast.

While the Nuggets struggled today against the Wolves, it wasn’t really the same thing in the first round against the Lakers.

Despite close encounters, Nikola Jokic and his partners were able to make the difference at the end, and to the great displeasure of LeBron James .

There are logically some regrets for the Akron native, frustrated by the outcome.

LeBron James disappointed with defeat against Nuggets

Was Denver better in this series? Yes, but when we see this 20-point lead wasted in Game 2, we say to ourselves that the Angelinos should have done better in these playoffs.

The King is also the first to be annoyed by this situation, as he confides to JJ Redick in their podcast. The 39-year-old star clearly didn’t like this ending.

LeBron James : “How am I feeling emotionally today? Well…I don’t know to be honest. I have no idea. Facing the reigning champions in this first round, we knew very well that it was going to be difficult. But damn, we had so many opportunities. To lose in 5 games, on two big baskets from Jamal Murray… We had so many opportunities, especially this Game 2 with a 20-point lead. »

“To lose this match, and with the other opportunities in other matches, we say to ourselves that sometimes with just one action here and there, it could have made a huge difference. But when you play against a team like that, you don’t have room to make the slightest mistake. And I think we made too many mistakes in these games. Most series are lost over one, two or even three possessions. »

“It hurts, especially when you’re competitive. I think with a play or two in those games, we could have won the series. But the best team won, you have to give them that. »

Quite a few regrets for LeBron, which suggests that the King will not want to retire after such a failure. His goal ?

Probably return to the Lakers, with the hope that Rob Pelinka rolls up his sleeves to recruit and improve the quality of the squad this summer. For now, it is clear that James still has to digest this failure.

LeBron James is still quite disappointed with the defeat against the Nuggets, especially when we see the opportunities wasted by this team.

It remains to be seen whether the King will have the opportunity to take his revenge.

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