NBA – Draymond Green in great danger at the Warriors? “Several people are…

Golden State Warriors NBA stars Stephen Curry (left) and Draymond Green (right)

Eliminated from the postseason, the Warriors will not even see the color of the playoffs this season.

It says a lot about this failure, and some members are fed up with Draymond Green according to a journalist, the player could be seen as one of the culprits.

After a barely passable regular season, the Warriors failed to impress against the Kings.

The franchise took the front door in this play-in, without seeing the color of the second match to hope to reach the playoffs.

A total fiasco for Steph Curry’s teammates, who calls for profound changes. It remains to be seen whether leaders approve.

However, the official words have been clear since the elimination: impossible to change a team… which loses.

Steve Kerr and the GM confirmed their desire to keep Klay Thompson (0 points, 0/10 shooting against the Kings as a reminder), as well as Draymond Green.

However, it will be complicated to convince the owner to pay $400 million in taxes for a team incapable of reaching the playoffs.

Draymond Green leaving?

Retaining Klay is obviously possible, but if the guard demands a big salary, it’s going to be very difficult for this organization to match.

A trade remains an option with Andrew Wiggins in order to alleviate finances, while the name of Draymond Green begins to come back. In question ? His behavior according to Zach Lowe of ESPN.


Zach Lowe (in his article) : “The Warriors have a decision to make regarding Draymond Green, with some people annoyed by his instability.

But everyone at the Warriors recognizes his importance and how good he is – one of the best defenders in the league and a conductor for Golden State’s offense. »

The problem for Green is his history and his behavior.

He probably disrupted the machinery last year by hitting a teammate in training, while his several-week suspension has had an impact in this campaign.

Without this event, wouldn’t the Warriors have been able to go directly to the playoffs? The front office will have to ask themselves the question.

Draymond Green is such an important player for the Warriors, but his instability is a real problem for the franchise.

A trade for this summer? This seems unlikely to Golden State, however, his case could be discussed internally to avoid a recurrence.

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