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NBA Dwight Howard speaks cash about the Lakers
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As Bronny James enters the next draft, it will be interesting to see if the Lakers decide to select him. For his part, Dwight Howard already has his theory.

Quietly at home taking a breather, LeBron James has not yet made a decision regarding his future in the NBA.

Retirement remains unlikely after this elimination in the first round, while a departure to another team is not a scenario to be ruled out.

The King refused to give any indication of his future, saying he needed to think about it.

After all, this is where the Bronny James soap opera gets interesting.

The son will present himself in the next draft despite the fear of some, and many wonder if the Lakers will select him, just to keep LeBron in the City of Angels.

Conversely, other teams could choose Bronny in order to attract the Chosen One.

Will LeBron stay with the Lakers? Howard confident

But among the Purple and Gold, trust reigns. James should come back no matter what for a new season, and Dwight Howard is completely sure of his fact.

In the recent “The OGs” podcast, he confirms that the King will do another campaign in Los Angeles and with Bronny… but the fall may not please fans

Dwight Howard : “The Lakers are going to get Bronny back next year, because LeBron is going to tell them, ‘I’m not signing if you don’t take Bronny.’

So Bron will play his 21st season with the Lakers, then they will get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, again. »

A rather questionable outing for someone who wanted to have a second chance at the Lakers just a few days ago. Not sure that the supporters appreciate this statement.

he has just played his 21st season.

Dwight is bitter because the Lakers don’t want to sign him.

The Lakers eliminated in the first round of the playoffs? Dwight Howard was ruthless with his former team. Not sure that fans of the franchise are now in favor of his return.

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