NBA free agency: Klay Thompson’s cryptic text to Stephen Curry: “Isn’t he afraid of hurting Stephen Curry by saying that?”

Our greatest NBA superheroes are humans, just like us. While rising through the upper echelons of NBA history, one can easily mortality when chasing rings.

However, the time comes to catch up with everybody.

This season, Klay Thompson and the  Golden State Warriors have been at that very crossroads.

Despite winning a championship just one season ago, the vulnerability has been evident in Thompson’s game.

It’s painful to realize the man who once scored 37 points in a single quarter can’t even score, or rather shoot properly, this entire season.

After suffering accusations of being “washed” all season, Klay finally moved to a bench role, yet a larger question looms about his free agency next season.

In the latest sitdown, the four-time NBA champion gives a cryptic message to fellow Warrior Draymond Green, which may hurt his bond with Stephen Curry.

USA Today via Reuters

“When it comes to free agency in July.. Yes, I wanna sign with Dubs, but I also have to prioritize my mental health, and lay out what’s important to me at this point in my career,” said Thompson. He further added, “I know we have so much basketball ahead, that I haven’t given it much thought really.”

Although Thompson acknowledges the million-dollar elephant in the room, his head is still in the “present.” However, from his tone, it’s clear that he has a number in his head.

If the dubs don’t match can be many unsavory circumstances for the fans and Klay himself!

But for now he’s playing better than the starting of the season.

Especially in today’s win against the Jazz.

Klay Thompson Carrying the load in Steph’s absence

Thompson notched 32 points as the Golden State Warriors swiftly surged ahead of the under-manned Utah Jazz, securing a 118-110 triumph on Sunday night.

 “His performance was remarkable,” praised coach Steve Kerr.

The Warriors sealed at least a spot in the four-team play-in tournament before the game, thanks to Houston’s 147-136 overtime loss to Dallas.

Despite the challenges ahead, Kerr emphasized the importance of maintaining momentum, stating, “We just need to keep striving for victories.”

He remains optimistic about the team’s chances for a successful playoff run, even amidst potential obstacles.

Thompson wasted no time asserting himself on offense from the opening tip-off, shouldering much of the scoring responsibility on a night when Stephen Curry sat out for rest and Chris Paul took his place in the starting lineup.

This victory marked the Warriors’ seventh win in eight games.

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