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Victor Wembanyama and George Eddy

An essential figure in the French NBA community, George Eddy carefully follows the prowess of Victor Wembanyama within the league.

He also commented on the latest by highlighting the behavior adopted by the tricolor prodigy.

He is one of those voices recognizable among a thousand and who rocked the youth of thousands of French NBA fans.

George Eddy has more generally contributed to the development of the NBA in France as a legendary Canal+ commentator.

Now 67 years old, he remains very attentive to the evolution of the league that he loves so much, and which he does not hesitate to criticize when he considers it necessary .

This passion, still intact, allowed him to witness the explosion of Victor Wembanyama across the Atlantic.

Drafted last summer by Spurs, the young French interior has since accumulated individual exploits, without however being able to rejoice in the collective results of his franchise.

An observation that the Franco-American journalist bitterly deplores , visibly very attached to the success of Alien.

George Eddy under the spell of a particularity of Victor Wembanyama

Despite the lack of stakes around the end of the regular season in San Antonio, Wembanyama continues his work there and shone again this Sunday.

Author of another historic performance in his team’s defeat against the 76ers, he did not, however, express any excessive joy on or off the field.

Enough to seduce George Eddy a little more, he seems to be a fan of this kind of modest attitude:

Wemby may accumulate records, but his main concern remains the success of Spurs.

As such, there is no question for him of celebrating his performances, as crazy as they may be, if they are not accompanied by victories.

The same goes for the multiple highlights that he can achieve every evening, which also earns him the esteem of Nicolas Batum’s wife:

While he could celebrate and pride himself on all the records he achieves, Victor Wembanyama prefers to reserve his joys for Spurs victories. Enough to score big points with George Eddy, but not only that.

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