NBA – Grizzlies star hallucinated after facing Wemby: “I had never…

NBA Brandon Clarke et Victor Wembanyama

Ultra-complete last night against Memphis, Victor Wembanyama gave his opponents a lot of headaches this evening.

Interior Brandon Clarke did not mince his words about the first pick of the last draft, after the final whistle.

The title of Rookie of the Year is practically destined for him, but Victor Wembanyama shows no decline in speed as the end of the season approaches.

On the contrary, the Frenchman does everything he can to help his Spurs win as many matches as possible and his efforts paid off last night against the Grizzlies (102-87).

All with a new very high level performance from the first pick of the 2023 draft:

Brandon Clarke amazed by Wembanyama’s physique

Symbol of his domination, his lunar sequence in 1vs3 in defense proves to what extent the man inspires fear in his opponents.

At the same time, we are talking about a scarecrow in proper form, peaking at 2m24 with a titanic wingspan of 2m44, an NBA record by the way.

Asked about the former Mets by journalists, Brandon Clarke did not hide being stunned by the specimen.

” It’s hard. He’s a really good defender. His physique is completely crazy.

I had never faced anyone with a physique like that before. He is very, very good in attack too.

He is very talented. » – Brandon Clarke on his first match against Wemby

No luck for the Memphis interior, he will now have to play it four times a year.

If his marksmanship is still largely perfectible, particularly in catch-and-shoot, Wemby has already taken the fold in defense and we imagine that with the discipline displayed by the nugget, he should come back even stronger of the upcoming offseason.

Especially since he will have the opportunity to perfect his game a little more during the Olympic Games, where he will once again face some of the best players on the planet.

Brandon Clarke is surely not the only one to feel this way, because almost no one had yet faced a client like Victor Wembanyama before his arrival on the American floor.

However, it is better for his opponents that they get used to it quickly, otherwise they will be outrageously dominated for many years…

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