NBA – Heavily sanctioned by the league, Wembanyama unhappy: “It’s not as if…

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey

Just like Evan Fournier a few weeks ago after a gesture of humor against the Heat , Victor Wembanyama has in turn been sanctioned by the NBA.

25,000 dollars less in the bank account of the Frenchman, who is guilty of having thrown a ball into the stands.

The context ? He launched the swell of joy after a great victory over the Knicks ( watch the action here ).

Victor Wembanyama sanctioned by the NBA

Victor’s goal was relatively simple: make a fan happy with the match ball. An honorable gesture on the part of the Frenchman, except that the NBA has rules and it clearly sticks to them, regardless of the player’s intention.

Whether it’s anger or happiness, a ball in the stands is worth $25,000. Everyone is warned.

Marc J. Spears : “Spurs rookie star Victor Wembanyama was fined $25,000 by the NBA for throwing a ball into the stands. »

Knowing that Kelly Oubre Jr took the double after insulting the referees in a rather obscene manner, we can say that the 76ers player is ultimately doing well. Still, this fine for Victor is controversial, especially since he is the first to be disappointed.

Asked about the subject at a press conference, Wembanyama admits that he does not really understand the sanction. His intentions were good after all.

Wembanyama on his fine : “I remember players being punished for that, but they always threw the ball with bad intention.

I started it to… please someone. It’s not like I want to hurt anyone. »

Whether for a good or bad reason, a player will automatically be penalized for throwing the ball into the stands.

The NBA has decided on its side, but Victor Wembanyama clearly does not agree.

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