NBA – “He’s going to play with Wemby”: fans are already calling for a Spurs recruit!

Victor Wembanyama warming up for Spurs

With the season over, Spurs can now focus on the summer ahead.

We expect movements within the organization, especially to properly surround Victor Wembanyama.

Supporters already have their ideal target.

The only good side for Spurs with this bad record is the gain of a big draft choice next June, in the top 10.

Gregg Popovich’s men will still welcome some interesting young talents into the squad, with a idea in mind: that they are compatible with Victor Wembanyama. T

he organization made it clear that the Frenchman was a priority.

Fans are calling for a star at Spurs

To do this, it will probably be necessary to concentrate research on shooters and game creators, capable of finding Wemby in most situations.

Trae Young is a name that comes up repeatedly among supporters and for good reason, he could be released by the Hawks this summer in the event of a good offer.

But the reward promises to be massive.

“Quite a few NBA sources believe Trae Young will be traded this summer if the Hawks find a buyer. »

The problem is not finding a buyer, but rather agreeing on what to send in exchange for Young.

We can already anticipate the fact that the Hawks will be greedy, even if it means scaring a few organizations.

The Spurs have the assets with young players and draft picks, but is the front office willing to sacrifice all that for Trae? It remains unlikely.

However, on the supporters’ side, there is no question of moving on. Young needs to be a priority this summer.

Him and Wemby🤝

He will play with Wemby

Trae Young to the Spurs?

Fans are clamoring for his arrival, with the leader seen as a perfect partner for Victor Wembanyama.

It remains to be seen whether San Antonio shares this vision of things.

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