NBA – In front of Doncic or Giannis, the absolutely crazy impact of Wembanyama revealed!

Luke Doncic, Victor Wembanyama and Giannis Antetokounmpo
NBA (DR) / Spurs (DR)

Author of a crazy season with Spurs, Victor Wembanyama is already considered a real star, and rightly so.

At least that’s what we might think with recent news from the NBA.

The regular season is over and fans are obviously pretty sad for the Spurs. No more Victor Wembanyama until July, while the Texans will have to wait until October to see him again on an NBA floor.

A short eternity for the league, especially since Wemby’s impact is already quite crazy, especially for a simple rookie.

Wembanyama ahead of several stars in a big ranking

When people say that Wembanyama is the future face of the NBA, this sentence may be wrong.

What if the person concerned could already be considered as such?

Not impossible, especially since many fans watch his highlights at only 20 years old, since he is the third player to generate the most views on social networks.

Unlikely for a rookie.

The most watched players on NBA networks this season🔥

Just behind Steph Curry and LeBron James, still at the top, Wembanyama is making a name for himself as a rookie.

There is no doubt that his numbers will increase over the years, not to mention the fact that this is only the NBA.

Wemby attracts more and more people in reality, enough to make one’s head spin.

First year and he’s already in the top 3, Wemby will be a generational player

Wemby already in the top 3??? The league is in good hands

Victor Wembanyama is already considered a special player, with fans clearly of the same opinion.

The Frenchman is widely followed on the networks, and this is only the

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