NBA – In the middle of the Nuggets-Wolves series, the big warning about Wemby: “They better…

NBA stars Rudy Gobert (left), Victor Wembanyama (center) and Nikola Jokic (right)
Pierre Haessig / San Antonio Spurs (DR)

While the playoffs are in full swing, the duel between Nuggets and Timberwolves is the subject of great attention in the NBA. As Game 2 approaches, a veteran of the league also sent both teams a warning regarding Victor Wembanyama.

After struggling throughout the season for the first seed, here they are in the fight for qualification in the conference finals.

The Nuggets and the Timberwolves know the stakes of the confrontation between them, they who appeared as the two main contenders in the West before the start of the playoffs. A status that they seem destined to maintain for many years… unless.

George Karl warns Nuggets and Wolves regarding Wembanyama

With stars in their prime, or even still very young, Denver and Minnesota should not leave the elite of the league anytime soon. On the other hand, new rivals could emerge in the title race, including in the West.

For George Karl, the Spurs risk being part of these future dominant teams, led according to him by Victor Wembanyama promised to great things:

Teams like the Nuggets and Wolves better get what they can out West over the next few years because Wemby is coming and its teams will soon be insurmountable forces.

Having just been named Rookie of the Year, Wembanyama regrets that the Spurs were not able to be more competitive this season. His time will not be long, however, according to the former Nuggets coach, whose prediction was not unanimous:

Finally a good analysis🤙🏽

This release is bogus

In the eyes of George Karl, the emergence of Victor Wembanyama on the collective level would only be a matter of years. It would therefore be better for contenders such as the Nuggets and the Wolves to win as many titles as possible while there is still time.

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