NBA – In the midst of a scandal, a video of LeBron and P. Diddy resurfaces and calls out: “Suspicious”

NBA superstar LeBron James (left), accompanied by rapper Diddy in an old Instagram live (right)
Holder of a nice address book, LeBron James notably displays excellent relationships with several US rap stars, including Sean Combs, alias “P. Diddy” or “Diddy”. However, these are worth a lot of bad buzz to the King in the current context.

The close ties between the NBA and the music industry are not new.

Several decades ago, figures from the two universes already appeared regularly together and maintained excellent relations.

The proof in particular with Magic Johnson’s anecdotes about Michael Jackson .

From now on, it is rather with the rap stars that those of the league exhibit themselves, at their own risk.

LeBron James weighed down by his old comments about Diddy?

By sometimes showing themselves to be very close to famous rappers, the best NBA players therefore find themselves dragged into their setbacks.

And recently, it was the legend Sean Combs, aka “Puff Daddy” or “Diddy”, who found himself in the eye of the storm.

Accused among other things of rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking, the latter could well bring LeBron James down because of an old video:


LeBron James: Everyone knows no party beats Diddy’s!

By way of context, Diddy, described as a sexually violent predator capable of drugging his victims, is the subject of numerous complaints for acts which allegedly took place on his property.

The fact that LeBron admitted in this way to having gone there and having spent a few evenings there has not gone unnoticed in recent hours.

Several Internet users then came to wonder about the King:

What do you mean by that LeBron?

It’s suspicious😳

While Diddy categorically refutes the accusations made against him, LeBron James has not yet commented on this matter.

This disturbing old Instagram live, however, has the effect of dragging his name into this file.

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