NBA – “It made me spin”: Cash, Joakim Noah reveals what he hated about LeBron

A former NBA player, teammate of Joakim Noah at the Chicago Bulls, has just been arrested on suspicion of violence against his 10-year-old son
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Never afraid of the idea of ​​coming up against the league’s elite, Joakim Noah found himself at the heart of a beef with LeBron James in 2010.

14 years later, he returned to the origins of this last by revealing the attitude of the King which irritated him to the highest point.

In a league where the stars exude a most intimidating aura, few relatively inexperienced players dare to provoke them

. It is better to have a strong character and not fear the consequences of your actions.


A portrait which fully corresponded to that of Joakim Noah, who therefore found himself in numerous individual rivalries with big names in the NBA.

Among them is notably that of LeBron James, whom the former French interior faced no less than 52 times during his career, playoffs included.

It was also during the 2010 postseason that tension particularly increased between the two men, after Jooks savagely criticized the city of Cleveland so dear to his counterpart.

An outing that has become legendary and is still talked about today.

The custom of LeBron James that Joakim Noah hated

14 years after this memorable episode of the beef between James and Noah, the latter has hung up his sneakers and can now carry out numerous interviews.

Recently, he returned to his comments about Cleveland and clearly has not changed his mind .

However, according to him, this rejection of the Ohio metropolis is due… only to LeBron. In any case, this is what he said recently in The OG’s podcast :

Joakim Noah: People need to understand that it had nothing to do with Cleveland.

It was all because of that bastard LeBron James. Every year, we had to fight him in the playoffs and we lost to him.

That’s where it all started. LeBron was so good, he was taking it out on us.

He was there, dancing before the matches, and I saw these things. It made me twist.

I had to return the favor but because it’s LeBron James and all that, people made a big deal out of it. But there are other cities that are just as rotten.

The former French international actually had enough to feel bad about LBJ and his city, where he had just suffered a 40-point recital from him:

Beyond a simple attack on the city of Cleveland, Joakim Noah would have attacked it out of simple frustration after having been beaten so badly by LeBron James.

So much so that the King allowed himself some fantasies not really to the Frenchman’s taste.

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