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While the playoffs have started in the NBA, the Warriors continue to be talked about, although on vacation.

Kevin Garnett recently spoke about their situation and their future with a clear opinion.

The last time their season ended in elimination at the Play-In Tournament, they finished the next one as champions.

However, it currently seems very daring to make the Warriors a solid candidate for the title for 2024-25.

Steve Kerr’s men are indeed coming out of a disappointing campaign and seem more than ever to find themselves at a crossroads in their history.

Kevin Garnett talks about what’s next for the Warriors

If they can still rely on an astonishing Stephen Curry at 36 years old, the Warriors, on the other hand, see their other executives weighing down their performances.

Because when it’s not Draymond Green who is serving a suspension because of his repeated bloodshed, it’s Klay Thompson who sees his address fleeing him.

So many elements that led Kevin Garnett to call for big changes in his KG Certified podcast :

Kevin Garnett: I think it’s time to start fresh in Golden State. If I were them, that’s what I would do.

According to the old insider, it is impossible for the Dubs to return to the top as it stands.

An opinion that he justifies with the help of a negative visual impression that several players of the franchise have left on him in recent months:

Kevin Garnett: I don’t think at this point Golden State is built for the future.

And if they want to recover young assets, they have to get rid of theirs. (…)

When I look at them, I have the impression that this group has grown tired of remaining as such.

You can see it on the faces of Klay and other players when they sit on the bench. (Andrew) Wiggins doesn’t seem to be really present with his personal concerns.

After a while, you have to know how to let go of the past and move on.

KG therefore encourages the leaders of the Bay to use major means and make strong choices during the summer in order to give new impetus to their team.

This will notably involve the departure of Klay, who should generate interest during free agency :

Kevin Garnett: I think Klay Thompson still has a few years left in him.

He is still capable of shooting well. He will be able to take on a role like Ray Allen when he was in Miami, waiting in the corner and being served there.

He’ll be able to do this for a long time to come. Can you imagine him on another team with young talents capable of getting the ball out on him? He can see it coming!

For Kevin Garnett, the time has finally come for Golden State to launch a new cycle.

Everything is not necessarily to be thrown away according to him, but elements disturbed by their situation like Klay Thompson should be sent elsewhere for the good of the group.

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