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Still very strong in 2023-24, LeBron James continues to carry the Lakers on his shoulders.

But because of him in a sense, the future of the Purples and Golds looks uncertain… Kevin Garnett therefore thinks that they should make a drastic decision concerning the King.

With only eight games remaining, the Lakers’ situation is becoming more and more clear.

Currently ninth in the Western Conference with 41 wins for 33 losses, they are three games behind the Top 6 and their chances of qualifying directly for the playoffs are therefore very slim.

Like last year, we will have to pass for the Play-In and perhaps the Warriors (10th) to extend the season.

The record is therefore far from being as brilliant as hoped after reaching the conference finals in 2022-23, but we should not underestimate the Angelinos.

Especially since he is now 39 years old, LeBron James continues to pack a punch every night, averaging more than 25 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists.

With the King still as dashing as ever, LA retains a chance of winning a championship title in the short term.

But what happens next, more specifically once the superstar retires? On his own podcast, Kevin Garnett advised franchise leaders to be careful and, above all, not to be afraid of making a major move involving the four-time MVP:

KG advises Lakers to trade LeBron James

I think at some point you have to take that into account… You have to prepare for the future.

At some point, we have to start asking ourselves, “What will our future look like?” are we able to compete with OKC, with Minnesota? “

We also have to add Denver to all of this… Are the Lakers made to move forward and fight against this?

They have a dynamic interior.

Anthony Davis is a diamond in the rough, you don’t find one every day. So they already have that, it’s an excellent anchor point for their future

Knowing the mentality of GM Rob Pelinka and taking into account the level of play of the Chosen One, it is very doubtful that Los Angeles would pay attention to such an opinion.

That said, we understand why the Big Ticket reasons this way: although the Purples and Golds can hope to win the title with LBJ in their ranks, the future looks more uncertain.

AD has shown this season that he can stay healthy, but he will need to be surrounded properly if he is called upon to take over at winger.

Except that unless they trade it against an XXL counterparty, their resources are limited…

LeBron James may still be very strong on the floor, but Kevin Garnett thinks that the Lakers should not hesitate to part with him in order to build their future in a peaceful manner.

However, we doubt that the Californians will listen to the advice of the 2008 champion.

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