NBA – Lakers eliminated, weaknesses exposed, former player asks to return to help LeBron

Beaten by the Nuggets in this first round of the playoffs, the Lakers will have to make important decisions in the months to come. Some players are in any case ready to return, like Dwight Howard.

Once again eliminated by Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets, the Lakers are under pressure before a summer of 2024 which promises to be quite interesting to follow.

Rob Pelinka will have to make the right decisions, with why not the arrival of another star to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis. For others, boosting the bench and rotation is a priority.

A possible return in sight with the Lakers?

What is certain is that the roster will be different from next October. Darvin Ham should no longer be the coach, while Dwight Howard could return to the City of Angels.

No rumor on this subject, no, but a request from the player, ready to return to the Purple and Gold to help the racket. He solicited Jeanie Buss (the owner) in a new video.

Dwight Howard sings for another chance at the Lakers: “Jeanie give me another chance. »😂😂😂

Howard hasn’t appeared on an NBA floor for several years, he who has clearly lost his splendor.

Unlikely the Angelinos will decide to sign him, or even give him a chance in September training camp.

But when we see the story of Isaiah Thomas, we say to ourselves that anything is possible.

Retire, it’s over

He would be a decent addition to the bench.

Dwight Howard wants to return to the Lakers for another chance. Not sure if the franchise is interested, but the announcement has been made. Maybe another team will answer the call.

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