NBA – LeBron James announces the color before the Play-in: “If we do that…

NBA Zion ready to take over from LeBron

LeBron James and the Lakers will face the Pelicans for the Play-in, a team they just beat this Sunday.

But is this an advantage?

Questioned on this subject, the King was rather considerate, and he gave the keys to the success of the Purple and Gold.

LeBron James is no longer the player he was in Miami or when he returned to Cleveland.

At 39 years old and in his 21st NBA season, the King can no longer rely on his athletic qualities to make a difference.

He goes slower than before, jumps less high, can no longer repeat efforts for 38 minutes, so he had to evolve his game to remain dominant and effective on the pitch.

This season, for example, he made 41% of his shots at 3 points, which is better than Stephen Curry , the best in history in the field

. He also agreed to score fewer points and trust his partners, averaging more than 8 assists.

In these conditions, he could arrive in the playoffs with a certain freshness.

Before the Play-in, LeBron announces the color

But will this be enough to allow the Lakers to dream in the title race?

In the event of a victory against the Pelicans in the Play-in, they will have to face their tormentors from last season, that is to say the outgoing champions Denver.

Before planning, No. 23 spoke about his approach to the Play-in:

We will perhaps be able to draw inspiration from this meeting against the Pelicans to prepare for the Play-in, but in the end we will have to do the work between the lines on Tuesday.

We have to keep the same mentality, be present defensively, not lose the ball, and if we do that everything will be fine for us. […]

Physically I feel better than last season at the same stage of the year.

I still have a little pain, but I spent last summer taking care of my body.

I know that the next match is going to be extremely difficult, extremely physical.

When you play a playoff series, and for me we are playing a two-game series against the Pelicans, the team that loses first has time to think, to keep the taste of defeat and to want to react. We will arrive ready with a sense of urgency.

LeBron James knows that this Sunday’s victory against the Pelicans does not necessarily give his Lakers an advantage for the Play-in.

Zion Williamson and his teammates will have time to analyze the match, pull themselves together and they will do everything to get revenge and qualify for the playoffs.

The good news is that the King seems to know the keys to his people’s success.

LeBron James knows that victory will be important this Tuesday, and he knows how to win it…

But wouldn’t his Lakers have an interest in losing to avoid the ogre Denver in the first round and instead face the inexperienced young Thunder?

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