NBA – LeBron James’ confession about a teammate: “In the 4QT, I told him…

NBA LeBron James with the Lakers

Earn LeBron James’ trust? This is not the case for everyone at the Lakers.

But that’s what Austin Reaves managed to do, as the King explains in his recent podcast.

As the Lakers embark on an important end to the season, Austin Reaves can be considered the X-factor of the franchise.

We know that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be there, but the other players will also have to do the job, like D’Angelo Russell.

But let’s not forget Reaves either, who has been a little more discreet in recent months.

LeBron James cashes in on Austin Reaves

Will the guard wake up for the upcoming playoffs?

Quite possible, especially since LeBron James is fully counting on him.

As he explains in his podcast, Reaves now has the King’s complete confidence in the future.

The latter is convinced by his teammate, especially since the series against the Grizzlies, in the 2023 playoffs.

LeBron James on Austin Reaves : “Obviously in the series against Memphis last year, AR gained a lot of trust from me.

I really trust him to carry out the actions.

I think it was in Game 1 or 2, at one point in the fourth quarter, I told him ‘come on AR, go win this game for us, I want to see that. »

Reaves was unknown a few years ago, but he managed to carve out a very solid place for himself with the Angelinos.

James played a lot in this and we can say that it is deserved when we see his rendering.

Reaves this season has 16.1 points, 5.6 assists and 4.3 rebounds, proof of his interesting impact. But fans hope to see more during the playoffs.

For his part, James does not regret having trusted his teammate against the Grizzlies, especially since the result can still be felt today.

LeBron James on Austin Reaves : “I knew if I could give him confidence in that fourth quarter and win that game, it would pay off the rest of the time, whether I was with him on the court or not. »

And LeBron James was right with Austin Reaves.

A promising player for the Lakers, who will be important in the upcoming playoffs.

But be careful not to disappoint the supporters.

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