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LeBron James and his long-time wife Savannah

LeBron James may be getting older, but he still has the same enormous ambition.

 His wife Savannah knows that this quest for excellence can be trying, so she visibly tries to take care of him physically and psychologically.

LeBron James is 39 years old, he has won almost everything in his career, and yet he still feels the need and the desire to be on the court.

For his 21st season, he will begin the final sprint with the same ambition as usual, that is to say joining the Finals to try to win a new ring.

And with the Lakers, anything is possible.

Like last season, Darvin Ham’s men will have to go through the play in, which did not prevent them from going to the conference final afterwards.

If they arrive physically fit and mentally fresh, no one will want to face them, that’s a certainty.

They are gaining strength at the best of times, with a series of 5 consecutive victories.

LeBron James talks about his physique at 39

But as he approaches his forties, will the King still have the means to be efficient and consistent at this stage of the season?

As he explained to his wife Savannah recently, he feels that the machine is no longer as oiled as in the past…

He spoke in his excellent podcast with JJ Redick, and compared his physique to a old car :

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I’m 39 years old, and the last time I saw I had played 70,000 minutes in my career.

Last time I came home after a game, and Savannah asked me if I was feeling okay.

I replied: “Baby, imagine you bought a 4×4 in 2003, and you arrive in 2024 without ever having changed the tires. So please massage my feet. » I still have the same tires as in 2003.

Can I be 100% every night? I don’t think I’ll be able to do it for a whole match anymore, even if I’ll always try because I’m a competitor, I was raised like that.

I’m going to die on a field. But if I’m realistic about my physique, I have to choose my moments and especially my shots.

LeBron James will always try to dominate matches, but he is well aware that his body no longer keeps pace over 40 minutes.

He therefore knows that he must manage his efforts, and above all choose the moments to give 200% for the good of his team.

Once in the playoffs, however, the calculations should quickly go out the window.

LeBron James is an old car that still has all its original parts. Everything works quite well, but it is more and more difficult to move forward. The most important thing is that the King is aware of his limits.

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