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LeBron James in the Lakers locker room

Among the greatest athletes in history, LeBron James has no equal when it comes to maintaining his body.

The future Hall of Famer was never afraid to resort to crazy discipline when it came to eating, as he explained in 2014.

When we see him averaging more than 25 points per game when he is already 39 years old, we understand that nothing is due to chance regarding LeBron James .

The Lakers winger is reaping the fruits of his legendary work ethic, he who has always taken enormous care of his physique with more than a million dollars spent per year in this area. Enough to arouse the admiration of superstars such as Conor McGregor .

His diet is particularly closely monitored since the King has several culinary chefs and he alternates between different diets, according to his needs. I

n 2014, he returned quite slim from the off-season after following a program based on lean meats, wild plants and nuts, among others.

He spoke about this experience in an interview with the famous Sports Illustrated :

LeBron James’ secret to staying in Olympic shape

I had no sugars, no dairy, no carbs. All I ate was meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. That’s all. For 67 consecutive days.

Quite an impressive discipline on the part of LBJ, who explained in another interview for CBS Sports that sleep also played a major role:

During my 13 year career, I took a nap most days, every day and of course on game days.

Sleep is the most important thing when it comes to recovery and it’s very difficult with our schedule.

Our schedule keeps us up late at night and most of the time wakes us up early in the morning. There is no better recovery than sleep.

When you know how disruptive an irregular sleep cycle can be to gamers, it’s hard to disagree with the Chosen One.

If the winger is still as good as he is approaching forty, it is also because he knows exactly when and how to rest.

Having passed through the Lakers, Cole Swider and Scotty Pippen Jr. made no secret of being impressed by the mentality of the future Hall of Famer:

Cole Swider : I had a hard time believing he spent $1.5 million a year maintaining his body but now I believe it.

Scotty Pippen Jr .: People think LeBron is who he is because he was born that way, they don’t think he tries that hard.

But he does this every day, every evening. Even after matches, he sticks to his routine and doesn’t let anyone disrupt it. His approach to the game opened my eyes.

An athlete’s body is usually a temple and this adage especially applies to LeBron James.

Whether in terms of nutrition or rest, the King does not neglect the smallest detail in order to continue to shine on the field.

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