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LeBron James in the Lakers locker room
Launched with the Lakers at a tense end of the season, LeBron James will also have an important summer, where he will have to make a decision for his future.

The trend is known to this journalist.

Now 39, LeBron James knows that retirement is not far away in Los Angeles.

He could even take it this summer, for example if he wins the title next June alongside Anthony Davis.

No scenario can be ruled out for insiders, including a new big extension, which would be far from unanimous among supporters.

Signing James at maximum means entrusting him with more than 60 million per season.

The Akron native may be considered one of the greatest in history, but the fact is that he is no longer in his prime and retirement is approaching. A certainty according to Jovan Buha of The Athletic? James should bow out as a Laker.

LeBron James already sure of himself for the end of his career?

However, and as the insider points out, that doesn’t mean that James won’t change franchises.

Simply that he would like to sign one last contract in the City of Angels before retiring. An extension remains the most plausible option, but pay attention to the results in the playoffs.

This is what Buha explains recently.

Jovan Buha on LeBron James situation : “I expect him to sign a maximum contract for three more years.

There are three things that can happen. One: three-year extension, or two years plus a player option.

Two: He refuses his option and signs a three-year extension without a player option. Three: he refuses his option and signs with a new team. »

“I expect him to reach an agreement with the Lakers in any case. I think it’s likely LeBron ends his career as a Laker. »

No formalization at this stage of the season obviously, but an extension for LeBron remains probable.

He has never hidden his attachment to the franchise and it is hard to see him trying a new bet between now and retirement.

For her part, owner Jeanie Buss had already made it clear that she wanted to do what was necessary to keep the King in the City of Angels. A departure would therefore be a real surprise.

LeBron James in Los Angeles? This should continue for Jovan Buha, barring any huge surprises… and why not catastrophic results during the upcoming postseason.

Be careful not to disappoint the King.

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