NBA – LeBron’s viral introduction to potential new Lakers coach, and fans’ reaction to the humor: “He hates…

LeBron James in the Lakers locker room

The Lakers have begun a search to find a replacement for Darvin Ham in the coming weeks.

JJ Redick was cited, who happens to be LeBron James’ partner in his podcast. And even the King wanted to defend him on Twitter.

After two fairly disappointing seasons and two defeats against the Nuggets, the Lakers made the decision to fire Darvin Ham and his entire staff.

A logical choice for many people as the coach has often been criticized for his abilities. Fans hope the Angelinos will take the time to choose a quality successor, and put in the money if necessary.

The possible future coach of the Lakers lynched

In recent days, there has been a rather surprising rumor throughout the NBA: JJ Redick is a potential name to become the next coach of the Angelinos.

He happens to be the podcast partner with LeBron James, which is no small thing. But polemicist Colin Cowherd is totally against it since Redick appeared with a backwards cap during the last pod. A look far from professional according to him.

Colin Cowherd : “I didn’t hear a word from LeBron James, I was focused on JJ Redick’s cap. He’s applying to become an NBA coach, he looks like a guy who’s going to move my couch. I did not like. You might become one of the league’s executives, I don’t like it. I say it, it’s my show. I don’t like this look at all.

Being criticized like this for a simple backwards cap? No, this is not a parody or anything like that, but a real rant from Cowherd, known for sometimes very shaky statements.

From there to attack JJ Redick for that? It seems quite unrealistic, to the point where the person concerned did not hesitate to answer him. LeBron also got involved.

He really hates your JJ cap!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I wonder if these two are doing well 👇🏾I think they have great jobs

See LeBron James defend JJ Redick like this? It was enough for the supporters, who think that the former Clippers player will be the next coach of the Angelinos. Response in the coming days.

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