NBA – Linked to the Lakers and Spurs, big update on a star: “They will be forced to trade him”

NBA stars LeBron James (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)

As the start of the NBA playoffs approaches, the summer market is gradually starting to get agitated.

Dissatisfied with the performance of their team, certain players could thus fold their bags, including a big name mentioned at Spurs or even at the Lakers.

With just a few hours until the end of the regular season, there are still many issues at stake for several franchises.

As such, their fans don’t really have any reason to plan beyond the next few days.

And yet, the news could lead them there, since certain renowned players already find themselves in transfer rumors and sent everywhere across the league.

A potential target for the Spurs and the Lakers on the departure?

While big fish appear to be quite rare during the upcoming free agency, teams looking for big reinforcements should instead turn to the trade market.

A market in which Donovan Mitchell could play a big role, he whose situation in Cleveland seems more and more complex.

Supposedly followed closely by the Lakers and the Knicks , this file has just been the subject of an update from Marc Stein:

The Cavs could be forced to trade Donovan Mitchell if he doesn’t sign a contract extension this summer, according to Marc Stein.

“Mitchell will enter the final guaranteed year of his contract next season if he doesn’t extend, leading rival teams to believe the Cavaliers will be forced to trade him in the coming months if they can’t find a deal.” agree with him. »

Arriving at the Cavs in exchange for a huge package in 2022, Mitchell could therefore already be looking for a change of scenery.

According to Stein, his refusal to extend his contract risks in any case forcing his managers to sell it in order to obtain compensation.

In addition to the Lakers and the Knicks, the Spurs could then insert themselves into the equation, who, a priori, would see themselves associating the rear-star with Victor Wembanyama .

This initial scenario would in any case have a non-negligible chance of occurring based on the recent report by Eric Pincus for Bleacher Report :

The buzz in the NBA sphere suggests that short of a run to the NBA Finals, Mitchell will decline an extension and look elsewhere, and the Cavaliers would then be more likely than not to trade him before he can leave as a starter. free agent.

Condemned to create a surprise in the playoffs, the Cavaliers will otherwise have to resign themselves to losing Donovan Mitchell according to Marc Stein.

The courtiers will no doubt be numerous, with the Lakers and Spurs supposedly on the lookout.

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