NBA – New XXL feat for Victor Wembanyama in France: “In 5 minutes…

Spurs' Victor Wembanyama in a Nike t-shirt
San Antonio Spurs (DR)

Victor Wembanyama is already a superstar in the NBA and an icon in France , all without having won any collective title yet. And its popularity has just been verified again with an extraordinary feat on the market!

Before leaving San Antonio to spend a little vacation in France, Victor Wembanyama explained that he didn’t really know what to expect from the French public .

If he had a year to see the extent of the phenomenon he represents in the United States, he had no idea of ​​the impact of his performances on our country.

The prodigy, who will return to France for the Olympic Games, was not only reassured by the welcome from fans during his public appearances, he will also be reassured by his latest exploit to date.

This Tuesday the first shoe dedicated to him was released at Nike, and fans jumped on it in just a few seconds!

Wembanyama’s first shoe sold in 5 minutes!

This morning at 9 a.m., Nike’s SNKRS application was taken over by fans who absolutely wanted to participate in this moment in history.

So in just 5 minutes, all pairs of the first model dedicated to Victor Wembanyama were sold. From 38.5 to 51.5, there is absolutely nothing left, even though the price could have dissuaded some.

If the comma brand and the NBA still had doubts about the popularity and notoriety of the Frenchman, especially in his country, this should dispel them.

Wemby will do the work on the ground, and they will have to ensure marketing and visibility, which is a question worth several hundred million dollars over the coming years. As for sneaker enthusiasts, a theory is already circulating to explain this express sale:

Victor Wembanyama didn’t even need 5 minutes to sell all of his tribute shoes on the Nike website. At 200 euros per pair, the comma brand certainly had a blast…

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