NBA – Ole-ole moment live, Luka Doncic and the shocked fans: “What did I just hear? »

Luka Doncic shocked in the middle of a press conference
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Luka Doncic was again very valuable in the Mavericks’ victory this Thursday evening, so much so that he was happy at the press conference. But his responses were interrupted by a strange interaction.

The Thunder are no longer undefeated in these playoffs. The franchise lost to the Mavericks this Thursday night, with a score of 119-110.

A nice success for Luka Doncic and his partners, who took the opportunity to take a victory before returning home.

But this second round series is still far from over, with why not a response from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Luka Doncic shocked in the middle of a press conference

While waiting for the rest, Doncic was quietly able to go to a press conference to answer questions from journalists.

Everything was going well until the Slovenian was interrupted by… moans. It’s unclear exactly what happened, but Doncic was shocked. A bit like everyone else in the end.

Quite a bit of laughter in the room and above all a lot of incomprehension, even if the journalists were quickly able to resume with their questions.

Doncic couldn’t believe it and should remember a moment of this press conference. This is also the case for Internet users, who were amused by this funny sequence.

her head😭😭

what did i just hear lmaooooo

Definitely very strange moment in this press conference, with Luka Doncic shocked by what he has just heard. We imagine that the Mavericks will quickly want to know what happened.

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