NBA – Oscar Wembanyama (17 years old) at Spurs with Victor? This makes supporters angry: “They have…

It’s not just Victor Wembanyama who has basketball talent in the family, his brothers and sisters do as well.

His younger brother Oscar also finds himself involved in a big theory about San Antonio, and it ignites the supporters.

It is undeniable, the Spurs won their bet by betting their future on Victor Wembanyama. After just one year in the NBA, the Frenchman has already proven that he has what it takes to become their next franchise player.

It now remains to surround him correctly in order to quickly fight for the title he dreams of so much… and for that, the Texan leaders could well draw from his own entourage.

A few days ago, it was a photo of the Spurs GM at a match by Oscar Wembanyama that went around the web.

Younger brother of the Alien and aged 17, the young player is still playing in the youth league but could join the big league in 2-3 years.

And what better destination than the Wemby franchise to make your NBA debut? Especially since the latter should not lack the means to draft him.

Oscar Wembanyama to Spurs in 2027? The fans are fired up

Wemby’s brother, Oscar Wembanyama (2m03) is expected in the 2027 draft. The Spurs will have four draft picks in total in 2027. They will also have six draft picks in 2026, when Oscar can already declare himself eligible. A potential brother duo👀

After getting their hands on the V, could the Éperons be tempted by his brother?

Obviously, we are still very far from it and Oscar should already prove that he can make the transition across the Atlantic. But his simple connection to the San Antonio big man causes him to be scrutinized by everyone and it wouldn’t be the first time that brothers have teamed up. Some fans of the franchise are excited about the project.

It’s a remake of the Gasol brothers

Oscar Wembanyama still has a few years left before he can potentially join the NBA. But if he one day declares for the draft, there is no doubt that the Spurs will immediately be linked to his file. It would in any case be well received.

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