NBA – Shams’ decisive update about the Bronny/LeBron duo for next year!

South California Trojans NCAA player Bronny James (left) and his father, Los Angeles Lakers NBA star LeBron (right)

The Lakers expect LeBron James to return next year, while Rob Pelinka prepares to improve the quality of the roster.

But to ensure the King’s decision, the franchise would have already made its choice.

While the Lakers have work to do this summer, fans are still waiting for confirmation of LeBron James’ return.

Currently taking advantage of his family and friends, the King has still not given a decision to the Angelinos, although the trend is towards a return next October.

Retire after being eliminated in the first round? Unlikely for the Akron native.

The Lakers ready for a huge effort for LeBron?

But the big question for the Lakers is simple: will Bronny James be on the roster, just to ensure LeBron’s presence? The answer is yes according to Shams Charania.

It is unclear whether the young player will end up in Los Angeles, but interest exists. It remains to be seen whether the Lakers are the best environment for such an element.

The Lakers are interested in drafting Bronny James, according to Shams Charania. “They have interest in bringing back Bronny with their draft pick. »

But if the Angelinos get Bronny back, it will likely be with a second-round pick. The first (in 17th position) should be used in a trade to attract a star or a big name, leaving little room to acquire LeBron’s eldest child. But the supporters are not convinced.

and LeBron says he has no influence in the front office

we all know it

Bronny James to the Lakers? If the player is still available in the second round, the franchise should try its luck, and it’s difficult to see it as anything other than a gesture for the dad. Not sure that this is a good thing for the future of the young player.

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