NBA – Shaq honest about LeBron James: “I was jealous of him but…”

NBA legends Shaquille O'Neal (left) and LeBron James (right)

No matter how his season ends, LeBron James has been unanimous throughout his career, whether with the Lakers, the Heat or the Cavaliers. Shaquille O’Neal is the first to think so.

Thrown into a very difficult series against the Nuggets, LeBron James does not know if he will win a new ring by the end of his career.

The Lakers are clearly dominated at the moment and the outcome is uncertain, especially with Darvin Ham as coach.

Whatever happens, the King continues to entertain at 39 years old as a reminder, which is almost a small miracle.

Shaquille O’Neal jealous of LeBron James

It must be said that James was never like the others. Praised before even arriving in the NBA, the Akron native has always had the right to special treatment, especially in Cleveland.

It’s simple: the star had certain advantages, to the point of even making Shaquille O’Neal jealous.

This is what he reveals in the latest episode of his podcast.

Shaquille O’Neal on LeBron James : “LeBron was probably the best leader I’ve ever seen, the youngest leader.

And I was jealous of him because he could do things I couldn’t do.

The coach said, ‘ok, we practice at 10 a.m. tomorrow’ and LeBron said ‘no, at 12 p.m.’ So it was, ‘ok we train at 12’ and I was like ‘fuck’. »

“He could take his family with him on the plane and even other people. And I was THE guy for a long time, but I never had that kind of power. »

Aware of James’ potential, the Cavaliers did everything to put the King in the best possible condition, to the point where even Shaq was jealous of his power.

We imagine that Cleveland never really regretted this choice when we know the outcome.

best leader in NBA history

Shaq not trying to hate anyone?😳

Shaquille O’Neal admits that LeBron James had a lot of power in Cleveland, to the point of making him jealous. And we imagine that he was not the only one in Ohio to envy the King…

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