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Shaquille O'Neal et Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is coming off a grandiose season, all observers are ready to admit it. This is particularly the case of Shaquille O’Neal, who is however far from being the most tender about the new generation.

Shaquille O’Neal is not the type to pay compliments to the new generation, and even more so when it comes to young interiors.

Because he was so strong from his first steps in the NBA, the most dominant center in history expects to see similar performances from the next generation, which is unfortunately far from simple.

Proof that Victor Wembanyama has just completed a season which will remain in the legend of the league, he has already attracted the praise of all observers, and in particular the very demanding Shaq.

The latter obviously appreciates the offensive qualities of the Frenchman, but also and above all his defensive involvement. Moreover, he voted for him in the race for the title of Defender of the Year.

Shaquille O’Neal votes Wembanyama for DPOY

This is what he explained in the last episode of his podcast, in front of a disagreeing JJ Redick.

The Hall of Famer took the opportunity to make a big rant about the way all these trophies are awarded.

For him, only legends and former players would have the necessary legitimacy to choose:

Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe… These guys should not have the right to vote for trophies in the NBA.

We should take 50 Hall of Famers and 50 former players.

For example, Victor Wembanyama broke all records, but according to journalists’ criteria, his team did not qualify for the playoffs. So should he be in the running for Defender of the Year?

According to individual statistics yes, but according to the collective criteria of journalists no.

And Rudy Gobert plays on a very good team, but he gets destroyed statistically by Wembanyama. This is the problem I have with the system.

I had a hard time choosing. Did you choose Rudy Gobert ahead of Victor Wembanyama? So you probably think that Dwight Howard is the best center in Magic history, ahead of me.

For Shaquille O’Neal, Victor Wembanyama should be DPOY ahead of Rudy Gobert because the statistics lean on his side.

He knows that won’t be the case, so he’s calling for a change in the way we vote.

Diesel does not see why journalists would decide on these awards, when they have criteria that are not shared by former players.

Shaquille O’Neal is not the type to praise the new generation, but he is already ready to change certain criteria in the NBA to make the French pivot Defender of the Year. This shows his impact with the Spurs.

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