NBA – Skip Bayless: “If the Lakers play the Nuggets in the playoffs, they will…

NBA superstars LeBron James (left) and Nikola Jokic (right)

If the Lakers win in the first play-in match against the Pelicans, then they will be entitled to a particularly tough first round against the Nuggets.

A year after the 4-0 in the conference final, Skip Bayless predicts a very different outcome.

The final day of the regular season was particularly important in the Western Conference, with the standings highly likely to be shaken up.

Thanks to their victory against the Pelicans, the Lakers, for example, moved up to 8th place, which gives them two chances to qualify via play in.

They will face New Orleans again in the middle of the week for the first.

For their part, the Nuggets did the job against Memphis despite a “little” Nikola Jokic, author of 15 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists.

The Timberwolves having lost, Denver finds itself in second place and thus avoids the Suns trap in the first round.

If all goes “well”, the defending champions will face Los Angeles in a remake of the last conference final.

LeBron James and the Lakers favorites against Denver?

Last year, it was 4-0, even though almost every match was close.

But the Purple and Gold have strengthened themselves in order to do better in the event of a new confrontation, and according to Skip Bayless, who is not a big fan of the franchise, LeBron James and his partners could have the advantage this time.

If the Lakers have to play Denver in the first round, I see the Lakers passing this time. If LeBron can’t make a difference, Austin Reaves will.

For Skip Bayless, the Lakers would start their first round against the Nuggets as favorites.

The famous consultant even went further by affirming that the decision could come from a great Austin Reaves, who would have the qualities to take over from LeBron James at the end of the match.

As for Internet users, no one is convinced by this message:

Skip… If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re wrong 85% of the time this time of year.

For Skip Bayless, the Lakers will start a possible first round against the Nuggets as favorites.

It’s hard to know what he’s basing his assertion on, but he seems quite sure of himself. Los Angeles fans will hope he doesn’t make a mistake.

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