NBA – Son of LeBron, Bronny James cashes on Steph Curry: “He came to see me and…

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry (left) and NBA prospect Bronny James (right)
Pierre Haessig / NBA (DR)

In a draft crop whose level and potential are debated, Bronny James could well secure a place in the NBA this summer. Until then, he agreed to deliver a viral confession about…

Stephen Curry, against whom his father often found himself in the Finals.

Almost unanimously, NBA scouts make the 2024 Draft less interesting than many others.

However, not sure that this will allow him to hear his name pronounced during the ceremony.

Bronny James continues to be debated about his legitimacy as an NBA prospect.

But while his performance at the Combine may have impressed, he took the opportunity to make a name for himself across the league.

Bronny James shaken by Stephen Curry

Author of interesting performances in Chicago in recent days, Bronny was also able to address the various media gathered there.

The opportunity for him to discuss diverse and varied subjects, such as his future criticized rating on NBA 2K .

In any case, the young back should not feel the slightest pressure in front of the journalists, after all he was hugging and chatting with Stephen Curry a few months ago:

A sequence at the time that went viral and to which LeBron’s eldest son recently returned with emotion to the microphone of Bleacher Report :

Bronny James: The last time I was dazzled by a star? I think it was when I saw Steph Curry at the Arena a while ago. He came up to me and high-fived me. It was very cool.

You will have understood, the prospect must be impatient at the idea of ​​possibly facing Curry next season in the league. This, perhaps more than finding his father, towards whom he has not been so tender lately. This will not come as a surprise to his long-time fans, who know the admiration he has always had for Steph:

Bronny James: Who is my father? Steph Curry!

As the son of LeBron James, Bronny has already had the opportunity to meet and greet a plethora of stars during his life. However, according to him, none left a more vivid impression on him than that of Stephen Curry in May 2023.

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