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Spurs Jesus, Victor Wembanyama's #1 fan in San Antonio
Skweek (DR) / San Antonio Spurs (DR)

Although Spurs fans number in the millions, there is one who stands out more than others for his dedication.

His name is “Spurs Jesus”, but don’t let his name fool you, he can let his anger roar too, especially when we talk about Victor Wembanyama.

In the 21st century, the franchise which has had the most victories is that of the Spurs.

During their glory years, many were seduced by the play of Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, or even Victor Wembanyama today.

This collective style, the antithesis of what is usually done in the NBA, has earned this team 5 titles since 1999. The fans have since multiplied.

Some even feel a love towards this stable that we would describe as “religious”.

This is particularly the case for “Spurs Jesus”.

Designated as the number 1 supporter of the Black & Silver, this man dressed in a large white robe and sporting a long beard and hair in the style of the biblical character can be seen roaming the city of San Antonio loudly proclaiming his passion for franchise.

The anger of “Spurs Jesus” about Victor Wembanyama

Renowned for their winning culture, Spurs are now in a rebuilding phase.

With the arrival of Wembanyama, hope only grows among Texans fans, like “Spurs Jesus”.

The latter now places his faith in the former Metropolitans 92.

But despite his appearance which can inspire peace, the supporter feels black anger when he attends the rookie’s matches, as heard on Skweek .

Players don’t stay loyal to the same team in the NBA anymore, but I think Wemby will stay with the Spurs for a long time.

That being said, commentators need to learn to say “Wembanyama”!

I’m tired of hearing Reggie Miller and other commentators say “Wembanyana”. It’s “Wembanyama”, with an “M”. My 5 year old son can say “Wembanyama”.

If a 5 year old can do it, these guys who are paid millions of dollars need to learn how to say “Wembanyama”.

How many times have we heard commentators or consultants trash the name from within 20 years?

His last name can actually be difficult to pronounce for Americans.

However, it is so cited that the lesson should be assimilated now by these specialists.

In any case, that’s what “Spurs Jesus” thinks. But beyond that, like many other residents of San Antonio, he hopes that this name will continue to resonate for many years to come and bring glory to his favorite franchise.

By then, perhaps followers will have learned not to confuse the “M” with the “N”?

As the number 1 supporter of the franchise, “Spurs Jesus” has the firm conviction that he will be able to see Victor Wembanyama wear this same jersey for many years. But along with that, he also implores followers to learn how to pronounce the French prodigy’s name correctly.

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