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Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama at a press conference
Spurs (DR)

San Antonio is officially on vacation, having finished deep in the Western Conference standings.

But 2023-24 saw the emergence of a new strong duo in Texas with Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama.

The legendary coach also spoke frankly about his foal at a press conference.

With only 22 victories against 60 defeats, the Spurs will not have won many matches this year.

And yet, it is optimism that is there since Victor Wembanyama’s rookie season was a huge success. More than ever, the franchise holds its new keystone for years to come.

In addition to being a hit almost every evening on the floor, the French pivot also demonstrated a very good bond with his trainer Gregg Popovich.

Accustomed to French basketball players, the latter only had good things to say about the former Mets at a press conference.

Not just about his performances, but also about the personality of the youngster inside:

Gregg Popovich raves about Victor Wembanyama

I respond well to people who have a sense of humor and are willing to respond to me when I speak to them half with humor, half with confusion, so that they don’t know what I’m thinking.

He answers me the same way, so I don’t know what he thinks either. So it’s a lot of fun to be around him, he’s very intelligent and curious.

We play a lot of little games with the team and he’s always in the front row, trying to guess the right answers and doing what’s necessary to win these games.

He threw himself headlong into our project. Him being there with us not only improved our basketball IQ, but also our culture itself.

It is not simply admiration but truly affection that the legendary tactician seems to feel for his foal.

It must be said that Wemby was willing to listen to all kinds of advice during his rookie year, without ever getting big-headed or throwing superstar tantrums.

Enough to allow him to develop superb chemistry with his superior Hall of Famer.


My favorite photo of the season

More than a coach and his player, they are two soul mates who seem to have found each other this season in Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama.

A bit like the duo that the coach formed with Tim Duncan… and we all know what resulted from that.

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