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Victor Wembanyama and Steve Kerr

Author of a pretty crazy end to the season in the Spurs jersey, Victor Wembanyama has made great progress over the months.

For his part, even Steve Kerr can see the difference regarding the former Mets.

Now on a highway to win the rookie of the year title, Victor Wembanyama should also obtain a good position at the DPOY level.

Sao 16 tuổi cao 2,19 mét được NBA chú ý - VnExpress Thể thao

If Rudy Gobert remains the favorite for this trophy, ahead of Anthony Davis, Wemby cannot be ignored with 3.4 blocks on average in the NBA.

He is also the clear leader in this ranking.

As a bonus, we should note that with more than 65 matches played during this campaign, Wembanyama is officially eligible for end-of-season rewards, which is not the case for everyone.

Victor Wembanyama, el gigante de 16 años y 2,19 por el que suspira la NBA

Proof that despite some injuries, the Frenchman held on from a physical point of view.

to see, including for his opponents.

Steve Kerr unanimous on Wembanyama

Top 5 ứng cử viên được kỳ vọng lật đổ Victor Wembanyama trong cuộc đua  Rookie of the Year

If Gregg Popovich and the Spurs are satisfied with his progress, they are not the only ones to have noticed a clear difference.

Wembanyama dominates more easily in defense, while the offensive game has improved, like his connection with his teammates.

In front of journalists, even Steve Kerr shared his opinion.

Kerr on the progress of Wemby, who the Warriors faced in pre-season : “I see a huge difference. It seems like he’s a lot more confident, more at ease.

He’s not careful at all. He manages to position himself easily and there are certain places where you can absolutely do nothing against him. »

Rather frightening for a young 20-year-old rookie, who is starting to dominate the league in certain areas of the game.

San Antonio Spurs: Victor Wembanyama exits summer league

Steve Kerr is aware of this: he will have major headaches in the future trying to slow down Wembanyama as much as possible.

Between pre-season and today, it’s clearly day and night for Victor Wembanyama.

He has progressed in all areas of the game, including his defense and his offensive positions. And that’s just the beginning.

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