NBA – Still ignored by LeBron, Darvin Ham overwhelmed at the Lakers! (VIDEO)

Los Angeles Lakers NBA coach Darvin Ham (left) and franchise star LeBron James (right)

The Lakers largely lost against the Warriors this Tuesday evening, with Darvin Ham widely criticized for his choices.

It must be said that the divide between the coach and the players seems real.

Beaten by the Warriors, the Lakers find themselves in a delicate situation within the Western Conference.

We will have to go through the play-in in a few weeks, with a possible confrontation against the Mavericks, the Dubs or the Kings.

Everything is possible and suffice to say that the supporters are not very confident for the future.

Darvin Ham still snubbed by the Lakers

In question ? Anthony Davis, slightly injured, but especially Darvin Ham.

The coach is widely criticized after each meeting for his choices, and he could well cost the Angelinos the title once in the postseason

. The players no longer really have confidence in him, at least if we rely on this video during a time-out this Tuesday.

While Ham designs a system for his players, LeBron James and Austin Reaves leave quickly at the end, not necessarily convinced by the coach.

This is not a first this season, proof that everything is not rosy in Los Angeles today. The supporters prefer to have fun with the sequence.

We can have Rondo as coach next year

LeBron doesn’t want him here, that’s obvious.

LeBron James and the other Lakers are not excited about the systems announced by Darvin Ham, and this is not a first this season.

A coach who never seems to be in an ejection seat.

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