NBA – The all-time record held by Kobe is welcoming Victor Wembanyama with open arms


Young French interior Victor Wembanyama (left) and NBA legend Kobe Bryant (right)
NBA (DR) / Keith Allison (CC)

As his rookie season draws to a close, Victor Wembanyama can already boast of having set numerous historic records in the NBA.

His harvest could also continue soon with a Kobe Bryant mark in his sights.

With him, each of his appearances can result in a stat line unprecedented in all of history.

Victor Wembanyama has continued to dust off the NBA’s shelves since his arrival and has not decided to slow down as the end of the regular season approaches. T

his Tuesday again, his 18 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 7 blocks against Memphis gave the league statisticians work:

Victor Wembanyama soon more precocious than Kobe Bryant?

Once again valuable and sprawling against Memphis, Wembanyama took the opportunity to achieve his 10th game of the season with at least 15 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocks.

Enough to sign something unseen for 30 years and a certain David Robinson.

Better yet, the young French interior could seize an all-time precocity record at the end of the season, currently owned by Kobe Bryant :

Will Wemby become the youngest player in NBA history to make the All-Defensive 1st Team?

His stats: 3.6 blocks per match • 1.3 interceptions per match • 2nd best Defensive Rating in the league

Already a candidate for the title of Defender of the Year, Wemby seems destined to appear in an All-Defensive Team given his efforts in the field.

It remains to be seen which one.

However, some might fear the competition he faces from Rudy Gobert, favorite to win his 4th DPOY title and therefore to appear in the All-Defensive 1st Team.

However, the new agreement between the NBA and the players’ union stipulates that these selections will now be made without taking positions into account.

The two French big men could then both make the cut, which would suit Victor’s business.

Failing to become the youngest Defender of the Year in NBA history, Victor Wembanyama could seize the record for precocity in terms of appearance on the All-Defensive 1st Team. This, a year ahead of a certain Kobe Bryant.

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