NBA – The crazy conspiracy theory around Wembanyama: “Adam Silver was not…

NBA Adam Silver and Victor Wembanyama

While he has made Spurs happy since he arrived in Texas, Victor Wembanyama is still the subject of big theories from fans.

And for some, his coming to San Antonio is anything but a coincidence.

Rightly considered the rookie of the year, not to mention his good place ahead for the DPOY, Victor Wembanyama fell well in San Antonio.

A perfect franchise for the Frenchman, which allows him to rub shoulders with Gregg Popovich throughout the year, not to mention a very respected organization, notably thanks to its legends.

Wembanyama’s arrival at Spurs questioned

Learning from Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to name a few, is a major asset for Wemby, who takes the opportunity to improve over the weeks

. But for some supporters, this coming to Spurs remains rigged by Adam Silver. According to them, the marriage is just too perfect between Victor and the Spurs.

You’re going to tell me Adam Silver wasn’t in the lottery room to ensure Wembanyama ended up at Spurs.

No way he’s going to let him get drafted to Portland, Charlotte or Detroit.

While he could have had a big career in any of those franchises, it’s clear that Wemby landed in the right place in Texas.

The perfect environment, which should allow him in the long term to realize his dreams and achieve his goals. From there to say that Silver intervened? Others prefer to believe in destiny.

I thought it was obvious it was fake lol

Of course it was rigged, no one was going to let Wemby play for the Pistons😭😭

The 2023 lottery rigged? Some fans refuse to let go, especially when we see Victor Wembanyama’s fantastic season at Spurs.

One thing everyone agrees on: the Frenchman had a good time in San Antonio.

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