NBA – The French message from the Memphis coach on Wembanyama: “We have to stop with…

French NBA interior of the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama (left) and Memphis Grizzlies coach, Taylor Jenkins (right)

Before submitting to a forced rest this Wednesday, Victor Wembanyama made short work of the Grizzlies the day before.

His performance did not necessarily leave Taylor Jenkins indifferent, who delivered an honest tirade about him at the end of the meeting.

According to the speech given by Gregg Popovich and his teammates, he would have preferred to take part in both rounds of this back-to-back.

Victor Wembanyama was finally saved by the Spurs coaching staff for the match against the Thunder this Wednesday.

This, after having had fun 24 hours earlier on the Grizzlies floor, where he delivered another gargantuan performance:

Taylor Jenkins fearful of Victor Wembanyama

Defeated in his three previous matches against Memphis, Wembanyama was apparently keen not to end the season without a victory against this opponent.

Taylor Jenkins, for his part, could only see the damage inflicted on his team’s defense.

 After having already praised him following their previous confrontation , the coach said all the good things he thinks of him at a press conference and admitted his fear for the future:

Taylor Jenkins: We have to stop with the debates about his hype because he proved that he deserved it in his rookie season.

It’s incredible just to talk about his potential and his level next year.

Looking at everything he has already accomplished, there is amazement.

We see the progress he has made since he started.

He’s acclimated to the speed and physicality of the league and is playing to his strengths.

He’s obviously an elite blocker. He’s in the discussion for Defender of the Year and that’s probably going to be the case every year.

We will have to prepare to face him and an excellent Spurs team, season after season from now on.

When you see his instincts on both ends of the floor, especially on offense…

He’s a guard in one of the most imposing bodies in the league. (…)

He has a versatile game in all areas.

He can defend small and big players, be both a blocker and the initiator of counter-attacks…

He is a phenomenal player.

He is going to become one of the best players in the league in the future.

He’s going to make things difficult for us, but every time we face him, we learn a little more about him and, hopefully, how to beat him.

If he has had a positive record against Victor Wembanyama so far, Taylor Jenkins knows that it will become increasingly difficult to get the better of him.

As such, it is better to start anticipating the tough mission that awaits your team now.

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