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NBA The Clippers on the trail of Malcolm Brogdon

As the playoffs approach, Lakers and Clippers could well cross paths for a series that promises to be explosive.

However, and for one player, the city of Los Angeles has already chosen its side a long time ago.

There are quite a few rivalries in the NBA, but it’s hard to do better than the one between the Lakers and Clippers, who have the particularity of playing in the same city and the same venue.

All this will soon change since Kawhi Leonard’s teammates will move, just to differentiate themselves from the Angelinos. But wasn’t changing cities a better solution?

A losing battle for the Clippers?

Yes for a lot of supporters, who think that Los Angeles will always be a city belonging to the Lakers.

It’s difficult to be a Clippers supporter in the City of Angels, as Josh Hart confirms.

The Knicks player is familiar with this situation since the Nets also play in New York.

In his recent podcast, he wanted to clarify things.

Josh Hart on cities with two NBA teams : “Los Angeles will never be a Clippers city. It’s like New York. Nobody supports Brooklyn. »

If you go to New York, it’s clear that the Nets go unnoticed compared to the Knicks.

It’s a bit of the same idea in Los Angeles, where being a Clippers fan can sometimes be frowned upon.

Supporters also support Hart after his comments.

He is right. Nobody cares about the Nets in New York

Josh Hart knows basketball. The Lakers dominate Los Angeles

Between Lakers and Clippers, Josh Hart made his choice, just like the Knicks and the Nets.

A harsh reality but one that can be seen during matches. However, the change of venue for the Clippers could well be beneficial.

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