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Zion Williamson's disturbing true shock weight revealed!

The last game of the Lakers and Pelicans season ended in a big duel between LeBron James and Zion Williamson, an opposition that the King won hands down.

Coach of the Californians, Darvin Ham also spoke about this subject after the final whistle.

It’s official, Pelicans and Lakers will face each other in the Play-In on Tuesday evening. We also had the right to a dress rehearsal with the last match of the season, won by the Purples and Golds (124-108).

A meeting during which LeBron James took particular care of Zion Williamson , all with great success.

Because if the interior split 8 rebounds, 8 assists and two interceptions, its scoring production was very disappointing with only 12 points on 4/13 shooting.

If the interior was so discreet under the circle, it is mainly because the King gave him a bad time.

Bron was also keen to take up the challenge against the former first draft pick, as his coach Darvin Ham revealed after the meeting:

Darvin Ham how honestly the LeBron/Zion duel

He sets the tone. Usually it’s AD who sets the tone, and a few other guys.

Going against Zion is a huge challenge, the kid is a damn good basketball player.

His physique, his athletic qualities, his ability to finish with one hand or the other around the basket, it’s a huge challenge that he took on.

It’s a message to the rest of the team when a player of Bron’s stature and seniority starts defending a young superstar like him.

We actually remind you that LBJ is already 39 years old, which does not prevent him from having another great season.

He also closed his regular campaign with a monstrously complete performance based on 28 points, 11 rebounds, 17 assists and 5 interceptions.

All while defending the lead over a Zion who is 16 years younger! Enough to make Internet users hallucinate following the final whistle.

LeBron totally victimized Zion last night while dissecting this Pelicans defense. Playoffs mode is activated

LeBron’s defense on Zion tonight needs to be studied

LeBron James is hot as the Play-In approaches, you just have to look at his performance against the Pelicans and Zion Williamson to see it.

Let’s see if the interior of New Orleans can take revenge on Tuesday in a duel with enormous stakes.

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