NBA – The merciless Kevin Garnett drops his honest opinion on Bronny James: “He looks…

NBA legend Kevin Garnett (left) and prospect Bronny James (right)
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Assiduous follower of the league and its evolution, Kevin Garnett therefore keeps an eye on the upcoming Draft and the possible arrival of Bronny James in the NBA.

And as usual, the Big Ticket did not mince his words with regard to the young back.

Few young talents are so talked about after such an unsuccessful freshman season in the NCAA.

After the last few complicated months, Bronny James is indeed monopolizing the attention of observers on the sidelines of the Draft Combine.

It must be said that this ritual of passage turns out to be rather positive for him, he who was able to show good things during the various scrimmages in particular:

Strong words from Kevin Garnett on Bronny James

Absent from most of the mock drafts until a few days ago, Bronny is gradually seeing his name appear there. However, it is difficult to predict a great future for him in the NBA in the short term, including for Adrian Wojnarowski who is well informed about him .

After observing him during the Combine, however, Kevin Garnett refuses to bury him and on the contrary was optimistic about him in the Ticket & The Truth podcast :

Kevin Garnett: Bronny looks really good! He looks focused, he wasn’t affected by everything going on around him, he seems used to being under pressure…

He had a good session where he was shooting well and if I was at instead of a team, I would take the bet on him. Excellence runs in his veins.

It’s obvious that at some point he’s going to have a growth spurt and things are going to click.

Convinced by the recent signals sent by LeBron’s eldest son, Garnett even goes so far as to bring him closer to a certain… Kobe Bryant:

Kevin Garnett: When you look at Kobe’s draft, the kid was 18 years old and many thought there were better players than him. Except he had good foundations to build on. It seems to be the same for Bronny.

I’m not saying he’s the new Kobe or anything, but when you see his potential, his shooting drills, his relaxation, his athleticism… He’s going to get there!

The trajectory of the Black Mamba is bound to make Bronny dream, who will however first have to secure a place in the league. And this is still not a guarantee.

For Kevin Garnett, the positives displayed by Bronny James during the Combine suggest that his future does not look as bleak as some may have you believe. We’ll see if the former pivot proves to be a visionary in this regard.

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