NBA – The new controversial release on Bronny James: “He couldn’t…

South California Trojans NCAA player Bronny James (left) and his father, Los Angeles Lakers NBA star LeBron (right)

There is still time to recant, but everything suggests that Bronny James is solely focused on the NBA draft at the moment.

And for some recruiters, that’s a good thing.

Bronny James made his choice a few weeks ago: he will be present in the next NBA draft.

His statistics at USC are however weak and his level questioned for the big league, although scouts agree that his defense could allow him to impose himself.

For others, playing at this university was not a good idea at all.

Bronny James supported by some scouts

On the bench and not necessarily with significant playing time, Bronny was not highlighted at USC, which can be explained after his health problem last year.

Still, according to Brian Windhorst, recruiters are convinced that James has the talent to establish himself in the NBA, but that he has not yet had the opportunity to show it.


Recruiters think USC held back Bronny James: “NBA scouts don’t think Bronny James was able to give his all this year because USC wasn’t playing his true position.

They explain that he should play elsewhere to be a point guard and improve his abilities. »

We will quickly have the answer, since James will play in the NBA next season, or he will return to high school, in a new establishment.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that Bronny is still far from fulfilling his potential.

According to an ESPN reporter, JeBron James.

Scouts after LeBron paid them to say that

Could Bronny James give his all at USC? No for certain scouts, convinced that LeBron’s son will be able to flourish elsewhere with playing time.

We will be determined in a few weeks.

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