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LeBron James and Anthony Davis, stars of the Los Angeles Lakers

Darvin Ham is far from having satisfied the Lakers this season. Its use concerning a young player also seems to have weighed heavily in the dismissal of the coach.

As the Lakers look for a new coach, using the entire roster well will be important for the members of the front office.

Behind the scenes during this campaign, we must believe that Darvin Ham is far from being unanimous, the fault of the treatment of young players. In the first round against the Nuggets, we didn’t see Max Christie, for example.

The management of Darvin Ham pointed out to the Lakers

However, with his shot, the guard was convinced he could help the Lakers in this series. A feeling not shared by Ham and the rest of his coaching staff.

Except that according to Jovan Buha, the front office didn’t like it much, that and other things obviously. The journalist from The Athletic explains that Christie’s role was debated.

Jovan Buha : “From what I understand, the Lakers still have an interest in him. They want to hold him back. They still see his potential. One of the reasons behind the disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff was precisely the role of Max Christie, and the fact that he was not used enough. So from what I understand, the Lakers will try to retain him. »

The question is how, especially since Christie had very little appreciation for his management. The fact that a young player has no place in the Lakers, or at least under the leadership of Darvin Ham. Whether the new coach will be more successful remains to be seen, but Christie has to think about the start.

I love how Lakers fans on Twitter figured out the Lakers’ problems even before their coach

Will Max Christie stay with the Lakers? Possible, but it is absolutely necessary to give playing time to the back to allow him to express himself. Otherwise, his departure seems very likely.

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