NBA – The viral message from Serena Williams (42 years old) for LeBron James: “I’m a little…

Tennis legend Serena Williams (left) and NBA superstar LeBron James (right)
Bloomberg (DR) / Pierre Haessig

Retired since 2022, Serena Williams nevertheless remains followed by a large community of fans on social networks.

The latter did not escape the comments she recently addressed to a certain… LeBron James.

Even when his season ended weeks ago, his name remains at the heart of discussions.

LeBron James continues to make waves within the NBA community, while the Lakers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by Denver.

This, notably through his son, Bronny, but also through his future. In this context, he nevertheless tries to remain discreet.

Serena Williams’ hilarious request for LeBron James

Absent from the media for a few days, LeBron however continues to share content through his social networks.

In recent hours, for example, he has proudly relayed the launch of a range of products dedicated to men’s grooming from the brand The Shop, of which he is one of the founders.

The latter also sent a preview of the famous collection to… Serena Williams:

A member of The Shop’s board of directors, Williams had every interest in detailing the different products she received to her 17.2 million followers. So this is what she did in a story full of humor and self-mockery:

Serena Williams: So happy for my friends LeBron and Maverick (Carter) that The Shop is growing!

Actually, I happen to have a beard so maybe that’s why I got this beard cream! There is also a facial product that can be used daily as a cleanser, but also an aftershave toner. It seems to be for men, but how cool and awesome is it. I’ll probably give all this to my husband but I admit, I’m a little jealous.

I hope you guys make products for people like me!

It is true that the tennis legend does not necessarily appear to be the preferred target for this type of treatment, even if some of them could also suit him. It remains to be seen whether LBJ and his associates plan to conquer the women’s toiletry market sooner or later.

Flattered by the gift sent by The Shop and indirectly LeBron James, Serena Williams however regretted that certain products from the brand did not suit her. To see if this will give ideas to the King and his business partners.

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