NBA – The Warriors on vacation, the big debate on… Tony Parker: “It was the best of…

NBA Tony Parker et les Golden State Warriors

Announced among the favorites for the title, Golden State will ultimately not even play the post-season.

A terrible disappointment for the Californians and especially one player in particular, which is why the fans invoked… Tony Parker on social networks.

The end of a dynasty? It’s quite probable. Still NBA champion two years ago, the Warriors will not even taste the playoffs this season after losing largely to the Kings during the Play-In.

An almost logical conclusion to a complicated campaign on a sporting level, marked moreover by the tantrums of Draymond Green as well as the mishaps of Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins.

It’s all the more frustrating since the Dubs took a huge gamble this summer by trading Jordan Poole for Chris Paul.

Not ridiculous as a sixth man, the Point God is however now in a 19th professional season without a championship ring.

And it’s hard to see him remedying this in the years to come with Golden State… an observation which has also implicated a certain Tony Parker on social networks.

Tony Parker invoked after new disappointment for Chris Paul

Tony Parker retired with four rings, Chris Paul will have none

Having served as inspiration for CP3 according to his own words, the Frenchman remains to this day the most successful leader in the 21st century, alongside Stephen Curry .

While many have ranked him behind Chris Paul or even Jason Kidd in the past, this track record has now raised his esteem among American supporters.

Jason Kidd only has one title! Tony was the best of these three.

I remember the hype, but Tony got the last word and praise for eternity now

Tony Parker, Jason Kidd or Chris Paul? Suffice it to say that choosing between these three players sparked quite a debate during the 2000s, in particular.

In terms of results, however, it is clear that the Frenchman still has a huge lead.

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