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Tony Parker sets the record straight

Because Tony Parker was a seasoned athlete in the NBA, he is also an ambitious businessman who has a concept of work and sacrifice. Moreover, he does not see his success as a family success, proof of this with this astonishing declaration about his fortune and his parents.

Tony Parker is part of the generation of NBA players who saw salaries explode immediately after retirement, which could be a source of frustration. Recognized All-Star, Finals MVP and playmaker for one of the best teams in history, the Frenchman has never earned more than 15 million in a season, which seems totally crazy in the current context.

Despite this, the legendary No. 9 cannot be pitied, since his longevity allowed him to pocket no less than 168 million dollars during his time in the big league, not counting his various partnerships with equipment manufacturers or brands.

A sum that allows him today to be an ambitious businessman and an investor who is not afraid to take out the checkbook.

Tony Parker not generous with his family

And usually, when an athlete succeeds so well in his life, he ensures that his whole family does not worry about anything, that everyone is housed and sheltered from the worries of everyday life.

Tony Parker made a different choice, as he explained on the “Important Talk” podcast.

He learned to say “no” quite early, no offense to those close to him:

For many athletes the hardest part is saying “no”. I had my problems with my family because money creates problems. People think you owe them money.

But I, very quickly, put myself in “no” mode. I’m not going to feel guilty about not giving to people. It’s me who works, it’s me who gets up every morning, it’s me who made the choice to be a high-level athlete and to train hard.

Okay you gave birth to me, but that’s not why I have to give you all my money eh…

I worked with an athlete, I showed him on a sheet how one of his relatives had stolen money from him, and for me we were going to cut ties with him, quite simply.

But the guy told me no because they had known each other for a long time.

Tony Parker does not see his career as a family success, but above all as his own.

He got up every morning to train, he traveled to the four corners of the United States to face the best, so he doesn’t see why he should give generously to his loved ones for a simple blood connection.

It is a point of view which risks shocking, but which is fully accepted without guilt.

Tony Parker quickly learned that he couldn’t please everyone with his money, so he learned not to give every time he was asked. He doesn’t feel guilty, and reminds us that he is the one who worked hard to reach the heights.

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