NBA – Unease and anger in the Lakers locker room because of Ham? “A lot of players didn’t…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA coach Darvin Ham (left) and franchise star LeBron James (right)

Darvin Ham was fired this Friday by the Lakers, which will surprise no one after this season.

Behind the scenes, the reasons are multiple, with players far from supporting their coach.

The first big decision at the Lakers has already taken place.

This Friday, Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed the dismissal of Darvin Ham, the coach having shown his limits throughout the season with questionable decisions.

There were also some stories in front of the media, like his very curious response to Anthony Davis’ comments .

It’s been months since a malaise seems to have set in in Los Angeles, with LeBron James sometimes unconvinced by his coach’s systems.

The situation could not last and Ham paid the price this Friday.

But when we see the reactions of the fans since this big announcement, not sure that it is a bad thing. Far from there.

Darvin Ham’s Lakers mistake revealed

What is the coach accused of? An inability to make the right decisions, especially on its lineups.

Taurean Prince seemed to benefit from preferential treatment (the two have known each other for years), to the point where he became a starter at the start of the season for the benefit of other players.

And according to Anthony Irwin of Lakers Daily, many didn’t understand.

Anthony Irwin : “When Taurean Prince was started at the start of the season in place of Rui Hachimura, several players didn’t understand.

No one particularly blamed Prince, to be clear, but many were wondering why plans that had been in place for months were thrown out the window like this at the start of the season. »

A sort of favoritism on Ham’s part, to the point where Prince continued to play an important role throughout the season, even when he wasn’t up to par.

Enough to enrage the fans, and therefore also some players in the locker room. The coach was not able to make the right decisions, making his dismissal logical.

Why did they wait so long to say that?

Darvin Ham was at the heart of the problems this season, which may explain the bad season in Los Angeles. Hence the importance of recruiting a good coach to hope to win the championship.

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