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NBA Michael Jordan et Victor Wembanyama
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From his first season, some fans believe that Victor Wembanyama has the potential to become the best player in history ahead of Michael Jordan.

In a recent interview, the Frenchman explained how he would feel facing the Bulls’ No. 23.

It only took one season for Victor Wembanyama to prove to the American public that he was indeed the legendary talent that had been heralded for years.

The Spurs pivot has progressed from week to week, and today, in addition to performing completely new actions in attack, he is considered the best defender on the planet by many observers.

Proof that he is unanimous, which is rare in this sport, everyone agrees that if the Spurs surround him correctly and give him a chance to aim for the title throughout his career, then he will join LeBron James and Michael Jordan in conversations for honorary GOAT status.

These projections after just 71 games place the character.

Wembanyama talks about pre-match stress

Moreover, in a recent interview, MJ’s name came up in Wemby’s mouth.

During a visit to Omar Raja of ESPN , Victor Wembanyama returned to his approach to the game and matches.

So he explained how he would feel facing someone like No. 23 for the Bulls. Nothing can make him stressed.

Before facing Giannis I wasn’t nervous, I think it was my birthday too.

I don’t even know if being nervous is a good thing or not. I’m pretty excited I think.

Before each match I want to thank life because I have the chance to live practicing this sport, which is above all a passion.

I am grateful. Even if I played against Michael Jordan, I would be happy and not nervous.

Victor Wembanyama never stresses before entering the field, he is rather excited at the idea of ​​practicing his passion at the highest level.

Perhaps this explains his lightning-fast adaptation to life in the NBA. While some high-profile talents would feel the pressure to perform, Wemby just wants to have fun and show what he can do.

In any case, we would all pay a lot of money to have a chance to see him against Michael Jordan …

The latter would surely do everything possible to challenge the French pivot on every possession, in attack as well as in defense.

And as the No. 1 likes to measure himself against the best, he would also be in a dynamic of challenge, which would create sparks.

Victor Wembanyama doesn’t feel the pressure, he just can’t wait to get on the field every night.

Whether he’s facing a team struggling in the depths of the standings or facing Michael Jordan, the approach remains the same.

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