NBA – Victor Wembanyama’s viral celebration: “He was destined to be a Spur”

Lately, Victor Wembanyama has been unstoppable.

When you’re in such good shape, you can indulge in almost any celebration imaginable.

The rookie therefore allowed himself one which is reminiscent, moreover, of that which a Spurs legend before him did.

Right now, Victor Wembanyama is walking on water.

The Spurs have also shown good things since their recent outings.

While victories were extremely rare throughout the season, Gregg Popovich’s men are in an ascending phase.

Their latest success was obtained against the Pelicans, big outsiders for the playoffs. He also stood out at the end of March against the Knicks.

In addition to his 40 points and 7 assists, he also matched his highest total of rebounds (20).

In the paint, at mid-distance or at 3 points, Wemby showed the full extent of his range.

Baskets as crazy as those he is capable of scoring deserve worthy celebrations.

He therefore fulfilled his duty well with one which is reminiscent of that of a legend of the franchise during this match.

A Spurs legend imitated by Victor Wembanyama

Seeing Victor Wembanyama and Tim Duncan share the same celebration is incredible! Wemby was destined to be a Spur🥹

From the day the Spurs drafted Wembanyama, the comparisons to Tim Duncan continued to rain down.

And it seems that this also pushed the young star to watch a few short videos of the Hall of Famer.

And in addition to the celebration, their maturity so early on or off the field is similar according to many Texans fans.

Enough to think that the Alien was made to one day wear this jersey.

It’s confirmed, he watched a lot of her videos

Tony Parker was his favorite as a child, but Tim Duncan had more of an influence on him.

Seeing Victor Wembanyama wear the Spurs jersey and celebrate like Tim Duncan, we couldn’t do a better start to the story.

This first season is about to come to a close for Frenchy, but it’s only the beginning of a career potentially as great as the Hall of Famer’s.

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