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Victor Wembanyama throws a ball into the stands

Author of a titanic match against the Knicks, Victor Wembanyama once again panicked the web.

But his gesture just after the buzzer amuses a lot, although the NBA risks seeing things differently…

Victor Wembanyama has probably just had the best game of his young career this Friday, all against a motivated Knicks.

Jalen Brunson’s 61 points were not enough against a Wemby on fire (40 points, 20 rebounds), clearly boosted by his audience.

The Frenchman wants to win everything by the end of the season and is making this clear to his opponents.

Fine coming for Wembanyama

Very happy with this success, especially in San Antonio, Wemby even got a little too excited at the buzzer and after overtime.

With the ball in his hands, the Frenchman, with joy, threw the ball into the stands to make a supporter happy.

Except that according to NBA regulations, this is something prohibited.

While some fans are amused by the fact that Wembanyama deprives Brunson of the match ball, others point out that this gesture is likely to be sanctioned.

More recently, against the Heat, it was Evan Fournier who was fined $25,000 for throwing the ball in anger following a defeat ( watch the sequence here ).

So the NBA should not make an exception here.

The person concerned knows this, since he was questioned on the subject during his press conference on the ball thrown into the stands.

I asked Victor if he will pay for the ball sent into the stands at the end. “Nah” he replied with a laugh.

“Someone else is going to pay for this.” »

Unless there is a miracle, Victor Wembanyama will be sanctioned for this throw of the ball, something that the NBA does not really appreciate.

Fortunately, the Frenchman will especially remember the victory and his crazy performance.

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