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Victor Wembanyama and Gregg Popovich
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The Spurs were unable to count on Victor Wembanyama this Wednesday evening, which remains quite worrying with the few matches to play.

Gregg Popovich’s statement after the game will not reassure fans.

Back-to-back after a confrontation against the Grizzlies this Tuesday evening, the Spurs did not want to take any risks.

The medical staff decided to sideline Victor Wembanyama against the Thunder, so he will have to wait until next season to reunite with Chet Holmgren.

And yet, the Frenchman wanted to play according to Gregg Popovich’s admission .

But the last word does not belong to him. Even though he feels perfectly fine, Wemby was not cleared to play to avoid possible injury, which can happen during a back-to-back.

As usual, Spurs prefer to see the long term, especially as Wembanyama should be at the Olympic Games this summer. So now is not the time to get hurt.

End of season for Victor Wembanyama?

The question now is whether Wemby will play again in this exercise, since the Spurs only have two games left: one against the Nuggets, the other against the Pistons.

Victor’s presence is uncertain when he crosses paths with Nikola Jokic again, since Popovich refuses to share details at this time.

Pop refused to commit when asked if Wemby will return Friday against Denver.

“We don’t have a plan at the moment. We’ll see about his ankle and we’ll choose from there. »

It is therefore entirely possible that Wembanyama will not play again this season.

If the doctors have any doubts about the Frenchman’s ankle, then we can be sure that he will not face the Nuggets or the Pistons.

We will know more on Friday regarding his condition.

End clap for Victor Wembanyama? It’s not impossible with this sentence from Gregg Popovich.

Don’t count on Spurs to take any risks with the Frenchman’s health, especially with two games remaining.

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